Membership Information & Fees

Our Society is a non-profit organization. The membership fees collected cover director costs, rehearsal and performance venues, music purchases and other expenses incurred by the Society. The annual fees are per person not per band, as many members play in more than one band.

Fee Schedule

Forte Wind and Senior ensembles – $350. per year, payable in September

* Members may play in Forte Wind Ensemble or the Senior Band, or both for one annual fee of $350.

Jazz Band – $350. per year, payable in September

Players make a commitment to their band and attend rehearsals regularly. Players are on time for rehearsals. Player MUST contact the conductor prior to the rehearsal if they are going to be late or absent. Senior Band members are required to have the music folders at every rehearsal even if they are not able to attend. Music is often shared and missing parts can be frustrating to other players and the conductor.

We offer a family membership option. If more than one member of your immediate family, living in the same household, plays in the band, the first member pays 100% of the annual fees, the second member 75%, and the third 50% (yes, we do have a number of family members).

If you bring a new member to the band, and they stay the year, the following year you will receive a 20% discount ($70.00).

Click HERE to read our Conditions of Membership.